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The David Alliance is about YOU!

Yes, YOU... the guy who is reading this and wondering if it is worth it. Let me ask you a question. Are you lonely? Are you feeling ill-equipped in certain areas of your life? Are you feeling like you are repeating the same day, week and year over and over again? Are you satisfied.... really?

Enough is enough!

Men are slaving over THE RELIGION OF MASCULINITY and it's not paying off! Christian men are feeling pressured to feel, act and believe that you must be quiet, calm and don't ruffle the feathers. IT'S TIME TO RAZE HELL! The David Alliance started out of frustration for where men are in this world. What happened to the men who are willing to tip over the tables in the church like Jesus did? We have spent too much time worrying about being good... which really means average. F*#! AVERAGE! That's right... FAITH average. Put your faith and your dreams in the fire of faith and LIGHT IT UP!

MEN HATE CHANGE. Typically the only way they change is through trauma. The best thing that ever happened to David was Goliath. DAVID CHOSE GOLIATH... David chose his trauma. It changed him, it proved him, it made him king worthy. TDA is your trauma of choice. Don't wait for trauma to find you (wife walks out, kids on drugs, bankruptcy, cancer) CHOOSE YOUR TRAUMA TODAY with TDA. Change today, find other men to build life with Today, Crush loneliness Today, learn today, grow today.

TDA strips you, Rips you, equips you and flips you. STRIPS you down to what is really going on. RIPS you wide open and exposes who you really are. EQUIPS you to be all that God as called you to be (you know it's in there) FLIPS you! Flips the script so that you begin to live everything you know that is inside of you.

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Garth Heckman

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