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Brandon LaRue

What is a pet peeve you have regarding men?
Not being a person of your word.
What was the last fight about that you were in with your wife?
Stewardship of finances
What is your favorite bible verse?
Romans 12:2
What is your biggest failure?
Falling into party lifestyle in college
Best advice your father ever gave you?
"Let the fur fly"
What is your hobby of choice?
When was the last time you were scared?
When daughter Livia was born and was having seizures.
What attracted you to your wife?
Her "girl next door" persona and her loyalty.
What was the loneliest time in your life?
2010 While coaching in Minor League Baseball
Why the TDA?
Because I see men of all ages walking around tail tucked and walking proudly in sin, all the while knowing the empty feeling of it. How do I know? Because that was me.