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Garth Heckman

Pastor, entrepreneur, business man, Powerlifter

Garth has survived a brutal beginning to a madhouse marriage. He has survived 3 cancers, a brain tumor, a broken neck, 18 surgeries and throw in a few failed businesses and a bankruptcy. He has spoke to over a million people about Life, Jesus and getting through the GRIND OF EXISTENCE! He will motivate you, pulverize apathy and push you deeper into your walk with God. Married 34 years, 2 boys, 2 grand kids, 2 dogs, 12 guitars and 22 guns… and counting.

What is a pet peeve you have regarding men?
Whiners. I can’t stand them. Shut up and pray, work and repeat! It bothers me so much I might find myself whining about them and I have to yell at myself!
What was the last fight about that you were in with your wife?
I want our Rottweiler to sleep in bed with me (150 lbs). She said if that is the only person you want in bed with you, then fine. (Dog sleeps on the floor)
What is your favorite bible verse?
Daniel 3:18 Not gonna bow! Heat that bad boy up all you want… but I aint bowing!
What is your biggest failure?
There are a lot. But for sure what kills me the most is how I handled my youngest son during his years of rebellion. I almost killed that relationship. If my wife had not been the mediator, It would have imploded. Thank you Jesus for a Godly wife.
Best advice your father ever gave you?
Do your best, leave the rest and walk away. And your greatest strengths will be your greatest weaknesses.
What is your hobby of choice?
I lift heavy ass weights for fun.
When was the last time you were scared?
October 28th, 2010. I was told I had liver cancer and I had less than 5 years to live!
What attracted you to your wife?
She desperately needed a hero who was a man of God in her life. I could tell she was damaged goods and God used that to attract me to her in a very deep way…oh and she had a really nice body!
What was the loneliest time in your life?
Many nights going through all of my cancers I felt extremely alone, Desperate and isolated.
Why the TDA?
I am extremely frustrated with the culture of men in today's world. We have been bombarded by the world to be proud of sin, sex and ego and to be timid when it comes to being men of God. Men need to be loud, brash and on the front line about who God is, what he can do and who we are in Him. It is no longer acceptable to just say we are Christians, we must live it in power daily!