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Joe Bezotte

CORE Security Consulting L.L.C, operated by Joe Bezotte, specializes in training Corporate Security Teams, Law Enforcement, Executive Protection Teams, Worship Security Teams, and First Responders.

What is a pet peeve you have regarding men?
Guys that condescend or belittle others
What was the last fight about that you were in with your wife?
About not telling the truth about where I was at the time. (Wanted to wait and elaborate later)
What is your favorite bible verse?
Psalm 144:1- “Blessed be the LORD my strength, which trains my hands for war, and my fingers to fight”
What is your biggest failure?
not attempting certain goals
Best advice your father ever gave you?
Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.
What is your hobby of choice?
Who has time for a hobby:)
When was the last time you were scared?
I’m mostly scared of harm coming to my family. One of the reasons I make sure everyday that my wife and kids know I love them.
What attracted you to your wife?
She’s hot!
What was the loneliest time in your life?
Either in my late 20’s as a single guy or now in my late 40’s.
Why the TDA?